So long as we treat it as a garden, a garden it will be. 

It’s not ONLY what we put into our mouth that defiles us, but ALSO what comes out of it.

There are many mistranslations in the bible, both intentional and unintentional. 

There is only one line in the entire bible telling other animals how to behave (Genesis 1:30). Since other animals cannot read, we know this is a gross mistranslation.

“Be fruitful and multiply. I give you all the seed bearing herbs of this earth as meat. And the animals as companions.”*

The forbidden fruit is ANIMAL FLESH, not the tree of knowledge. 

In the story of the beginning, after the fall, Adam and Eve are wrapped in the skin of an animal. The fall was killing an animal. In order to create a garden, we must treat it as a garden, and bloody slaughter is not of the garden.**

The knowledge of good and evil is that there is no good and evil, merely actions and consequences (karma).

*Genesis Translation from the Akashic Records. 

**It’s easiest to ease into plant based. Give up red meat (mammals) first, then poultry and fish. Ease into vegetarianism. Quickly step into veganism.

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