“I think, therefore I am.”

Do you know that you exist? Obviously! Because you are existing; you’re experiencing this! 

But do you know that anything else besides yourself exists? How? What we see, smell, taste, and touch are merely electrical signals interpreted by our brain. Your body could just be a figment of your consciousness, the I that experiences everything, but the I (eye) experiencing your body must exist because it is existing… there is something that is existing that is experiencing existence which we relate to as the I or self. The I I.

The only thing we know with absolute certainty is our own existence. The Absolute Indisputable Truth of Life is… there is only one being… You! You are the One. There is only One, and everything- seen and unseen- is that One! Everything is you with its own unique karmic body. 

What you do to yourself makes you who you are. How we treat life on earth, creates life one earth.

We are all One. There is only One. How we interact with the one- which is both ourself and all things- creates our karma.

I call that one being God.∞ But others may call the one Allah or Universe or some other name. God is everything. God is One. All is One. All is won.

∞Some may call the One “Allah” or “Universe” or some other name, but all is One.

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